A husband. A father. An author. A renaissance man.

After a long and difficult battle with cancer, Tommy Coletti has passed away. Tommy died on September 24, 2021. He will be missed by his wonderful family and by so many more of us. Tom and I, Vic Butsch, Co-authored A Journey to the Gallows and In the Crossfire Between Heaven and Hell. Tom also authored three outstanding novels of his own, Special Delivery, Dishonorably Interred, and Liam’s Story.

At a time when so many of us have our priorities out of logical sequence, or completely missing, Tommy Coletti had his priorities firmly in place and lived his treasured life by them. God, country, family, friends, and others. Can’t do better than that!!

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed all the time spent with Tom at his home writing these books. Tom and I wrote and joked and enjoyed ourselves while Donna probably just shook her head in amazement that we actually got anything done, ……and supplied the cookies.

We worked together well and also enjoyed giving book presentations throughout Connecticut for the last five to six years. I know that I will miss him, but I also know that all of us are diminished, by some measure, with the loss of one such as Tommy Coletti, even if we do not realize it at this time.

Vic Butsch

Two Great Historical Fiction Books!

Aaron Dwight Stevens, a tumultuous, ill-tempered, zealous but noble young man is an often overlooked American hero. Throughout his 29 full years, Stevens acted upon his convictions, adventured near and far, and ultimately awoke the nation to the start of a new chapter in America’s history—the end of slavery.

Through historical facts and fictional flare, authors Vic Butsch and Tommy Coletti resurrect the story of a true 1800s adventurist and legend. In this gripping novel, readers will thrill to riveting tales of Stevens’s journey through the Mexican War, the Dragoons, Bloody Kansas, his love for two women, and the destined collision at Harpers Ferry. Paired with the emotional credence of Stevens’s beliefs and his unwavering devotion to his fellow abolitionists, A Journey to the Gallows brings history to life in a most entertaining way.
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A petition has been submitted to the State of Virginia that Aaron Dwight Stevens should be pardoned for the crime for which he was convicted of and hung for. As of September, 2019 the results are pending. Read More…

“I read it compulsively and enthusiastically recommend it…”
-Wally Lamb, New York Times Best-selling Author

Dorence Atwater survived not only bloody battles, but the absolute worst of Civil War prisons. While at Andersonville he made a dangerous and solemn promise to himself that would define his entire life. 

Clara Barton had to change the thinking of the Army as well as the whole nation to have an ‘opportunity’ to live through her own “Hell” on earth, which was to care for the thousands of horribly wounded and dying young men left on the battlefields. 

The chance meeting of these two magnificent individuals and the miracle they accomplished against all odds will leave the reader both amazed and grateful.

Once again, authors Vic Butsch and Tommy Coletti have researched and written a Civil War era treasure. Read More…