A Quick History on Socialism

A Quick History of Socialism in Our World

I have never been an overly religious man. However I certainly believe in a God which has created the miracles of trees, air, oceans, rivers, animals and people we see around us every minute of every day we are alive. I unfortunately make a habit of giving up silent prayers only when I want something or need some “out of this world help”. However, I find myself actually fearful and heavily prayerful at times over what will be happening to my grandchildren and this country if things continue as they are currently headed.  I am becoming seriously fearful that these innocent children will someday look into their parents suffering and fear filled faces and know the horrible pain of a socialized nation at war with itself. Numerous Books have been written on the issues with Socialism and I assure you I will not be creating a new book here. However, I will attempt to give you a few thoughts, reasons and samples of why this destructive system always fails.

Long before any of us was even born, during the young lives of our parents and grandparents, the world found itself fighting against the beginnings of Socialism in the First World War. It was a horrible war in which 10 million military personnel, as well as another 7 million civilians lost their lives. This is where the names of famous socialists, such as Leon Trotsky and Karl Marx first appeared in the world. The Russian socialism that followed took the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic), into the hands of Joseph Stalin, who was a leader in the Soviet government starting in 1922. He served as the Premiere from 1941 until his death in 1953. He ruled Russia with an “iron fist” throughout WWII and after. There were 799,455 documented executions during his tenure. Allegations of genocide were constant, and the numbers who suffered from this evil are unknown, but thought to be outrageous. This period was the beginning of the destructive and bloody history of Socialism. 

It is extremely difficult to understand the current desire for this system, knowing the previous failed attempts throughout history, and the horrible but real tradition of death and devastation. Yet it keeps raising its ugly head and a new ignorant generation is once again susceptible to this unkind and damaging fascination. I mostly put the blame at the feet of ignorant college professors who, I suppose, think they are being avant-garde and impressive to young minds who, of course, don’t know any better. I’m sure the professors don’t have many students standing up and telling them how wrong they are and giving them reasons why socialism is a bad thing. I also blame liberal politicians who would even consider changing the greatest government and economic system ever devised by mankind.  What are they thinking??? Do they hate America that much? Additionally, our nation’s “watchdog” – the press should come down hard on any rise of Socialism, but they have not done so in recent memory. What are they waiting for, or are they actually in bed with the idea?

From an early age my generation was far too familiar with the USSR, more widely known as Russia. The United States and Russia faced each other in a “cold war for decades from 1922 to 1991 when, as always happens, the socialist country failed and was disbanded. Socialism has proved over and over again to be a self-defeating form of government, but we don’t seem to be able to get rid of it. The definition, according to the Meriam Webster dictionary is “any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.” This means that the government will be huge and powerful, and you will be small and not a part of it. It also means that the Government will own and run all means of production in the country. It means that Amazon, Walmart, Stop and Shop, Petco, Ford, etc., etc. will be run by the government. Only businesses, companies and organizations making more than a certain amount will be put under the government rule. Smaller businesses, shops, etc. will still be privately owned. Good companies who would always try to increase sales will now try desperately to come in under the cutoff line so they will not be taken over by the government. That is not the way to grow an economy. It is, and always has been, a sure path to destruction of nations. Because of this issue there used to be an old saying “Socialism breeds mediocrity, Capitalism breeds Exceptionalism.”

Socialism always requires a power group in charge. Putin, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, etc. were never big into elections, and if there was one you would best vote for whom you were told to vote. Socialism and communism both depend upon the government control and distribution of most goods and services, which cannot happen without the governed taking away individual rights (such as those enumerated in the Bill of Rights). Socialism demands that we all have a blind trust in those running our government. Doing so gives these same people a profound and unassailable measure of control over our lives in every context. What follows is always tyranny. 

Socialism also seems to create bloated bureaucracies and they in turn produce shortages, corruption and crime. It separates the population into those very few elite people in the government party clique, who decides who gets what and how much, and then everyone else who of course can look forward to misery for themselves and their families. The one promise that Socialism will keep is that all citizens will be treated equally – in poverty. The real life and death dangers arrive because dissent cannot be tolerated in any fashion or for any reason, lest the government by these elite would collapse. 

The fact cannot be argued against that the worst evils forced on mankind have been inflicted by huge Socialist / Communist governments, especially in the 20th century.  It should be noted that Communism is an extreme form of Socialism. With the major difference being that Socialism is more from the economic view while Communism is more centered on the political view. Some of us born at the end of the 20th century may be very familiar with most of the following names because of TV, radio, newspapers, etc. when we were growing up. Let me introduce you to some of the governments and leaders along with the number of deaths they caused. These are in addition to Joseph Stalin, whom we already talked about.

 *Chairman Mao – China 1958 to 1961. Single Party Socialism. 40 to 70 million est. killed. It was called The Great Leap Forward.

*Under all other leaders – USSR – Socialism – est. 40 million killed.

*Pol Pot – Cambodia – 1975-1979 – Communist – est 4 million killed.

*President Joseph Tito – Ethiopia – 1945 to 1965 – Socialist Federation – est. 1.15 million killed.

*Col. Menghistu Haile Mariam – Indonesia – 1975-1978 – Communist – “The Red Terror” – est. 1 million killed.

*Gen. Muhammad Suharto – 1966 – Indonesia – Communist – est. 1 million killed.

*Leonid Brezhnev of USSR in Afghanistan – 1979 to 1981 – Communist – est. 1 million killed.

*Jean Kambanda – Rwanda – 1994 – socialist – est. killed 800,000.

* Kim Ill Sung – North Korea – 1948-1954 – Socialist – est. 1.6 million murdered; 4 million killed in hard labor.

At this point, to turn America into a socialist country, certain steps must be accomplished. With the aim of Socialism / Communism being to transform capitalist property into social property, a major redistribution effort must occur. That means that property which was legitimately purchased, developed, inherited, or earned, will now be taken over by the government who will pick the winners and losers of the process. The loss of private property, which had ensured the owners and employees an independent livelihood, erodes all individual rights. What follows is extreme inequality which allows a small elite “posse” of party members to have complete and unyielding control over all citizens of the country despite their overwhelming majority.

To finish my rant I am going to tell you about an interesting and important historical event, recorded by The Center for Global Policy at George Mason University. They recorded and then plotted a chart showing the percentage of countries in which mass killings were occurring from the end of WWII until 2016. For most of the second half of the 20th century, that percentage increased steadily. Then, in the early 1990’s, a huge drop-off occurred, and in the 2010’s the lowest number of countries with ongoing mass killings were recorded. What happened in the early 1990’s? The Cold War ended and millions were freed from behind communist walls and secret police holding cells. 

It is also when our present, unknowing and somewhat ignorant of the facts, millennial generation was being born.    


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