During the Vietnam War, I enlisted into the United States Air Force and spent four years from 1968 until 1972 as a medic. Honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant, I then married my high school sweetheart, Donna Jean.  We’ve been married for 47 years. After discharge, college was next and I utilized the GI Bill. I received a Bachelor’s Degree, with Cum Laude distinction in History from Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, Connecticut in 1976. I applied to law school and was accepted. However, I decided to work for one year at the Electric Boat Shipyard (EB) in Groton, Connecticut until my wife gave birth to our first child and I had more time to save up a few more dollars for law school. Well, I remained there as subsequent children were born every three years thereafter. I had planned to retire in 2011 but due to the economic situation, I delayed that until July 2012.  The best decision I ever made…

I have a passion for literature and have already penned five novels and a children’s illustrated book. At age 60, I took a leap of faith and submitted my first publication, “Special Delivery,” to HW Publishing and it was accepted. With great pride, I can now scratch getting published and having a copyright off of my bucket list.

I have four great kids. Jennifer, my illustrator; Kimberly, my consultant; Crystal, my sounding board; and Michael, my website support tech. I couldn’t have a more supportive son-in-law, Paul, who has blessed me with two wonderful grandchildren, Katie and Sean.


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Special Delivery


The world is in turmoil in 2014. Fuel costs have rocketed since a major hurricane hit the Houston, Texas oil refineries and a catastrophic terrorist attack had almost completely destroyed Saudi Arabia’s ability to ship crude oil to the world. Middle East stability is non-existent and America has spawned a new subclass citizen called the Rogue. Allegiance and patriotism exist in a minority of Americans. Terrorists have begun to prey on America’s weakness.

Jonathan Sprague is a truck driver, a Vietnam Veteran, father of two, grandfather of two and a faithful husband for forty-four years. He is a survivor, a joker, a friend, a comrade in arms, a biker and a bastard when he has to be. This is his story of the Special Delivery he made for America.  

Dishonorably Interred


Colonel John Moore was a career officer. His plan, however, to retire Brigadier General, never materialized because of multiple moral flaws in his character that came to light. The punishment behind those revelations pushed him to the edge.

Assigned to supervise the cataloging of the newly found wealth of the emerging Democratic nation of Iraq after the rule of Saddam Hussein, he orchestrates a plan to steal $ eleven million of this new-found wealth and ship it to the United States. 

Colonel Moore was the master of the plan; but as plans go, it had to have flaws. The question became, who would live to see the light of day and reap the rewards of the bounty? The answer lies amongst generations of family veterans who were honorably interred.

Liam’s Story


Centenarian Liam Corcoran tells his family story.  He is the son of an Irish immigrant who travels with his mother and sister from Quincy, Massachusetts to Norwich, Connecticut after the death of his father in 1914. His mother arranges for them to board with a large Italian family while she searches for employment. His life changes quickly only days after arriving at the boarding house when his mother and sister die from pneumonia. He becomes a fourteen-year-old orphan.  The kindness and generosity of the man, woman, and their family at the boarding house change his life forever when they welcome him in as a member. With much gratitude, he accepts their love and guidance. He expresses his love for them in this story.

During his journey through life, he serves in two world wars, celebrates marriage and the births of his children, many nieces and nephews and mourns their deaths one by one as he outlives them and the friends he held close. Liam tells his story to his great-granddaughter and her aspiring author boyfriend from the bed of his convalescent home as he slowly recovers from a stroke that has afflicted his body, but not his mind.  The storytelling is therapeutic. He finishes the telling after leaving the hospital and living in an assisted living center. His religious beliefs, values, patriotism and crass personality expose the reader to Liam’s mind.

This is Liam’s story.


Behind the Book “Special Delivery”

This was my first book.  Just like the first in everything you do, there are stumbling blocks.   Diction, spelling, and style were mine in this novel. I revisited the book and corrected that. Corrective criticism along with better editing was provided and this novel was shortened.  More dialog replaced boring descriptions and made it a better read. No excuses on anyone’s part. It was a growing experience. I can thank some personal friends and HW Publishing for the enhancements.

Maybe, someday, when Hollywood turns this into a blockbuster, those of you that bought and read my first edition will have a very special edition of Special Delivery. And if I signed it, well, who knows. Then again, it could end up just a book that some novice writer wrote that you knew or were acquainted with that was eventually told to keep his day job. Time will be the judge of that.

The ides for the book came to me while watching CNN.  They did a great job scaring the hell out of me contemplating what would happen if certain events occurred at specific times in the United States and the Middle East that impeded the world’s thirst for oil.  Like a hurricane hitting the oil refineries in Texas and some Jihad terrorist group flying a passenger jet into one of the major shipping depots in Saudi Arabia. Does it sound fictitious? You be the judge.

I wrote this in 2008-2009, I speculated.  Plus the world was on the edge of the greatest recession since the Great Depression.  We’re still feeling that even today in 2012. Back then things were getting worse as my imagination, sparked by the CNN special, ran wild.  I just imagined what Eastern Connecticut would be like if it had to deal with exploding oil prices and everything else becoming unattainable for the America Dream.

Using the locale, personal experiences and those of friends and acquaintances, the novel began to take shape.  Some of you will see a name you recognize but that was only a little humor on my part. Of course, the publisher’s attorneys always insert a disclaimer that it was a coincident and the names and places do not depict real people and places.

If you recognize someone, it was because I really like them and they are part of my personal life. Some of my personal friends have expressed that Jean Sprague reminds them of my wife Donna Jean. Maybe she is or then again, maybe not.  You be the judge for those of you that know her. The rest of Sprague’s family was developed in my head. His personality has some of my traits. It’s apparent when you write. Your personality influences your characters. Last summer I had the opportunity to tour on the Connecticut Author’s Trail to talk about this book.  I hope to do it again this year and talk about the second I have published. I loved meeting people and hearing their views on my book.

Behind the Book “Dishonorably Interred”

This novel is a horse of a different color.  It is not for an eighth-grade reader or older like Special Delivery was. It was my first attempt at adult fiction. Remember all the cash that the soldiers and marines were finding when we invaded Iraq? All those piles of $100 bills stacked waist-high in abandoned buildings made an impression in my mind.

What if some sneaky bastard got a chance to steal some of that? Of course, being righteous American patriots who care for the depressed people of Iraq, we were pleased that our government collected, cataloged and shipped the cashback to the United States to be saved for the new government of Iraq when it reorganized. No more comments on any of that except the story I wrote.  I did create a sneaky bastard and his accomplices who do manage to steal $11 million. They would have stolen more but money weighs so much and the poor fictitious guy I created that was killed because he found out about the heist, weighed 220 pounds which is equal to the weigh of $11 million. You get all the details when you read the book.

The accomplices I created had to be varied.  A closeted homosexual Sergeant Major was the first accomplice.  I never saw a gay Sergeant Major in my years in the service but it has changed in the last forty-odd years since my discharge. Why not?  He got created. Then, of course, I needed a female character that was promiscuous. Every book needs a hot lady. It was fun creating the interaction between a career male NCO and a first tour female First Lieutenant in the novel. Then I needed a character that took care of all the incidentals that arose which means everything.  Sean Quinn was created. He’s one nasty son-of-bitch. You’ll hate him five or six pages into the book. The three characters are cleverly forced to team up under a chauvinistic, greedy, self-centered and evilly intelligent Colonel named John Moore who uses their character flaws to manipulate them. The interfaces in this book were much more fun to create as the story was written.

The Wilson family was needed to bring out the evil in the four main characters.  They are an everyday American family that had paid the price with the lives of their relatives throughout the wars and conflicts this country had endured since the Civil War. A Maryland dairy farm in the quiet rural countryside just outside Frederick, MD is the setting for the novel.

There are many twists and turns as the evil group attempts to recover the cash they have stolen and shipped back to the United States in an empty coffin of an Iraq War hero named Todd Wilson. Hence the title dishonorably interred. The ending is the most creative part, I think, as the author. Who finally gets the cash and lives to spend it? Read it and find out. Let me know if it’s believable. Could something like this really happen?  Enjoy the book.


My third book has been already written.  I have edited it for the second time since I wrote it. It’s still on the shelf because of the editing going on with Liam’s Story and A Journey to the Gallows  I did create a couple of characters that could evolve into a series. The creation of Nissassa evolved. It sounds Indian.  It isn’t. I reversed the word assassin. It’s the beginning of two guys who eventually form a private investigative business.  Based on their past military history together the characters, Top and Trooper, begin an episode which leads them into the business of neutralizing assassins. I had hoped to publish this story earlier but two other books are keeping me busy.  More on that below…

Via Con Dios

My fourth book is already written as well.  It’s the second part of NISSASSA. Top and Trooper find themselves looking for a friend’s niece who has been abducted by a Mexican drug cartel. It shouldn’t be too far behind NISSASSA.

Liam’s Story

This is my third publication. It’s an accumulation of stories that have been passed down from my family elders and assembled for a fictitious character named Liam Corcoran. He tells his story to his great-granddaughter who with her boyfriend aspires to be an author while he attempts to recover from a stroke.  The story spans over ninety years and originates on Boswell Avenue, Norwich, Connecticut.

The Red Parakeet

A children’s story I first created forty years ago while in a creative writing class in my sophomore year at college.  I resurrected it four years ago. My oldest daughter Jennifer will be the illustrator for the book. She sees two versions because she is a special education teacher.  One prekindergarten version for parents and educators to read to the children and one for young readers.