I grew up in South Bend Indiana with a most wonderful Mother and Father, my Brother Bob, and Sisters Bonnie and Debbie. We were a close family and had an enjoyable, memorable and happy childhood. I attended Jefferson Elementary and Jr, High School, and then went to John Adams High School where I participated in Football, Baseball and Basketball all four years. Sports were a major priority in my life throughout my High School and College years. Actually sports have been important to me throughout my entire life as I coached my own children (three boys and one girl) in football, baseball and softball. I was of no help when my daughter played Field Hockey – I just cheered when I saw everyone else doing it. All of the children also saw their own great success in sports throughout High School and even College.

My children are a special point of pride in my life as they have all grown into outstanding people and have superb families of their own. They have developed into outstanding parents and have stayed in close contact with each other although they are currently spread all over the globe. One son is in Israel and another going to Europe soon. My other son lives in Philadelphia, while my daughter lives in Madison, Connecticut – only 45 minutes away. My wife Gail’s son lives here in Norwich and we see him often.  

I loved history even in High School. I went to College with the goal of becoming a history teacher and coach. I studied American and World History and enjoyed them thoroughly although I enjoyed American History more by far. Immediately following graduation I enlisted in the Army Reserves and spent the next many months in basic training and Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) at Ft. Lewis Washington. After living in St Charles, Illinois, and Billerica, Massachusetts, the family settled down in East Lyme, Connecticut, and I began my 45 year wonderful career at Electric Boat Div. of General Dynamics in Groton, Connecticut, from which I retired five years ago.

 Through my years at Electric Boat, helping to make Nuclear Submarines for our nations’ defense, I enjoyed the work, the people I worked with, and my growing family, along with my life outside of work. Toward the end of my career at EB I realized one of my original goals of teaching history as I began teaching Adult Education classes, which were about the people who served in the military, and the contributions Norwich made in the Civil War. I also helped start the Norwich Civil War Round Table, and became a Board member of the Norwich Historical Society. I still give Civil War Cemetery Tours several times each year to interested groups. Gail and I have some fabulous longtime friends in addition to Tom Coletti and his wife Donna that we see quite regularly either at local restaurants or on the golf course. 

Currently I live in Norwich with my wonderful wife Gail. We have a few cats and one delightful Greyhound named Chloe. We see my children periodically as well as Gail’s’ son and wife who live here in Norwich also. Sports and History are still important in my life and will always be there right behind my family and magnificent outstanding friends.